Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Setting up SSL for netty-socketio / ColdFusion gateway

So I was disappointed to learn that my beloved netty-socketio package couldn't do SSL stuff out of the box. Very disappointed! My customer requires the use of SSL which means I can't release my fantastic capability without it. Except we must remember that I am not very good with the whole Java thing. I officially finished my Java classes 4 years ago now and have only used it one time since then (and that was a fantastic disaster!) So I was not looking forward to trying to piece together the code I'd need to make Netty/SSL work with netty-socketio. The stupid thing is I forgot exactly how Java uses the extends functionality. (Not inherits, even though I should use it... I am just trying to get stuff working at this point.)

I originally thought I had to build out this big structure overriding entire objects from netty-socketio just to get it maybe-kinda-sorta working. Turns out I didn't need to do any of that. I just had to extend the, and files, in addition to adding the file from netty's example pages. Turned out to be not that bad (so far). I really am just extending a few functions here and there to include the necessary links to the SSLContext object and HOPEFULLY it will work. It is at least failing where it's trying to pull the certs, which is where it should be failing. I'll have more tomorrow (once I figure out how to get Java's certs playing nice with everything else.) Looking good!

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