Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The pains of releasing code under Government development contracts

So I officially have something I could release for ColdFusion and Unfortunately I cannot (yet). Due to the nature of the contract I work under, I am bound by some fun rules that require not just my customers approval, but his bosses approval as well. And then after that I have to get approval from the contracting officer who is over our contract to get it release. I have to prove that it doesn't impact the government negatively to get their approval.

Should be easy right? Only 1000 lines or so of code and it supports messages, events, and JSON objects. Works pretty well with a few oddities tossed in there (of course). I'll try and release it ASAP but it's not going to be soon. I'm telling all those 3 people who happen to have come across my blog ;).

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