Friday, July 6, 2012

Progress on ColdFusion and Socket.IO

So I've been working on the Socket.IO implementation that has been released previously for a java package and netty. It's been extremely frustrating since I'm not a Java developer and the documentation for ColdFusions gateway stuff is CRAP. That and there doesn't seem to be any way to debug gateways AT ALL when they are running so I'm just walking blindly through the whole freaking thing, compiling stuff and pushing it to see if anything changes. Awesome.
Well in spite of all that, I was able to get some freaking connectivity going! I currently have it running as a gateway service in CF but it isn't actually tapping into any CFC's or anything like that, but it's at least RUNNING now. I have the WebSocket service just posting anything to everybody and I have to windows passing stuff back and forth at least so there is that. Now if I can get the cfc's to start working we'll be making some serious progress!

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